Wilderness Luxury Escape in Nova Scotia

About Trout Point Lodge Resort

Trout Point Lodge Resort in Nova Scotia offers a luxurious eco-friendly retreat amid pristine wilderness. Nestled by the Tusket River, this award-winning lodge provides rustic yet modern accommodations. Trout Point Lodge Resort isn’t just about luxurious accommodation; it’s your ideal getaway. Revel in a natural hot tub riverside, experience a forest sauna, and engage in activities like paddleboarding and canoeing. Whether you seek moments of meditation or a quiet read by the river, this is your perfect escape into nature’s embrace. 
Trout point lodge


Capture the essence of its beauty

From the moment I arrived, the rustic charm and modern amenities seamlessly blended with the pristine surroundings. The Tusket River, flowing gently beside the lodge, provided the perfect backdrop for my visual journey.

Trout point lodge

The client was interested in crafting cinematic short reels to showcase the resort’s charm during the fall, specifically aiming to create reels for their social media platforms. 

I curated a collection of 10 cinematic reels and captured 15 creatively composed photographs. In the production of this content, I utilized multiple cameras to comprehensively cover both photos and videos. Additionally, a drone was employed to introduce a fresh and unique perspective, elevating the visual narrative of our exceptional resort experience.

Trout point lodge

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